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Intro to Screenwriting - 18+




6 Weeks


About the Course

This course is for people who enjoy creative writing and want to learn the screenplay form. In this course you’ll learn about story structure, how to create characters, invent a plot, and how to compose a scene. In short, you’ll learn the essential elements for writing a great screenplay.A series of writing exercises and assignments help you master the basics as you develop an outline and begin your own screenplay. There is a writer, an editor and a critic who all reside in your head, I will help you free the writer and muzzle the editor and critic (they'll get a chance to do their thing later on!). In a safe workshop environment, we’ll learn from one another by sharing our work. This online workshop guides you to launch and make significant headway on a new project. The goal is to develop a strong premise that sustains your entire script, create and refine the story outline, and write the first ten pages of Act One.

Your Instructor

Jon Bernstein

Jon Bernstein is the Head Wildcatter at Wildcat, an event, entertainment and educational arts complex he founded in Franklin, Pennsylvania. He wrote the screenplay for Disney's MEET THE ROBINSONS, which received a Heartland Award and was named a Truly Moving Picture. He also wrote the screenplays BEAUTIFUL (starring Minnie Driver, directed by Sally Field) and RINGMASTER (starring Jerry Springer). His screenplay TRAVELING WITHOUT BAGGAGE is currently set-up with The Wolper Organization. He wrote and directed the stage musicals McCREADY, THE BLUNDERS and SHOWCASE. Jon teaches Screenwriting and Creative Writing with the UCLA Extension Writers' Program, and was named the 2017 Outstanding Instructor of the Year. He has also taught at the Creative Writing conservatory at the Orange County School of the Arts, and River Oaks Charter School. He passionately believes in the value of taking a fun, nurturing and creative approach to education.

Jon Bernstein
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